Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Horror Express Blu-Ray

Here's the the specs:

Severin Films releases the disc Nov. 29, with a hi-def 1.66:1 transfer from the original negative. Horror legends Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing star as scientists who board the Trans-Siberian Railway in 1906 China for a trip to Russia—one that gets interrupted when an excavated frozen humanoid creature defrosts and begins stalking the passengers. The special features are:

• “Murder on the Trans-Siberian Express”: new interview with director Eugenio Martín
• “Notes from the Blacklist”: Producer Bernard Gordon discusses the McCarthy era
• The Guardian 1973 audio interview with Cushing
• “Telly and Me”: New interview With composer John Cacavas
• Introduction by Fango editor Chris Alexander
• Theatrical trailer
• Easter egg

  I love this movie. Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee together on the Trans- Siberian express along with Telly Savalas  as a Cossack plus a missing link fossil that sucks your brain out leaving you a zombie. A English/Spanish co-production, it was thought that the train model was the one used in Nicholas and Alexandra that producer Bernard Gordon obtained and then commissioned a script to use it. According to an interview here , Gordon says it was left over from his production of Pancho Villa (which also stared Telly Savalas). The movie does feature a mad Rasputin type monk though, so you do have a tie-in to Nicholas and Alexandra train or not.

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