Saturday, November 12, 2011

Criterion does Godzilla


   Although they've been dropping hints about this for awhile it's was still a nice surprise that Criterion has announced a DVD and BD of Godzilla (Gojira 1954) for Jan. 24 2012. Along with the original Japanese version it will also have Terry Morse's 1956 American version Godzilla King Of Monsters with Raymond Burr and a bunch of great extras. A 35mm fine grain of the U.S. version recently turned up , so this will be a nice bonus.
  For anyone who hasn't seen the original Japanese version , it has a totally different feel to it and is long way from what Godzilla would become in later films. Featuring  a monster spawned of atomic radiation and made only nine years after the atomic bombs were dropped on Japan , it is a very dark and poignant film.  Directed by the great Ishiro Honda this is already my favorite release of next year.
  That cover art sure doesn't do much for me. With all the wonderful Godzilla/Gojira promotional art out there, it seems like they could have come up with something pretty cool. Oh well, I guess it what's inside that matters.

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