Saturday, January 19, 2013

Last Shark on DVD

   Upcoming on a Region 0 NTSC DVD from Retro Vision is Enzo G. Castellari's 1981 Italian Jaws rip-off  Last Shark AKA Great White AKA Cruel Jaws. The film had a very limited theatrical release in the United States, before Universal slapped an injunction on it and to this day has blocked its release. Featuring a plastic looking 35 ft. great white shark (who can make the ocean explode , so it can capsize boats and windsurfers easily) terrorizing  the coastal town of Port Harbor. Starring James Franciscus as author & shark expert "Peter Benton" (cough..Peter..cough..cough..Benchley) who teams up with Vic Morrow as shark hating fisherman Ron Hammer, while Mayor William Wells (Joshua Sinclair) ignores the problem so not to spoil the town's upcoming windsurfer regatta. 
  Previously available only as a couple of European DVD's, various grey market releases and strangely enough as a recent Amazon download & MOD disc.  Retro Vision's DVD will feature a newly restored 1:85 anamorphic transfer, some nice extras and is limited to 500 copies. Another old VHS I can get rid of and an entertaining way to spend an evening (plus it's way better then either Jaws 2 or Jaws 3D). Also available from Diabolik DVD

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