Thursday, August 8, 2013

Karen Black July 1 1939 - Aug. 8 2013

    Karen Black has passed away today at the age of 74. A quirky & highly unique actress, she was the female face of the American independent cinema movement of the late 60's & 70's. Whether a prostitute dropping acid with Dennis Hopper in Easy Rider (1969), the sweet & simple girlfriend of Jack Nicholson's from Five Easy Pieces (1970) or a morally corrupt wanna-be actress in 1975's The Day of the Locust (and countless others) - she was one of those rare actresses that seemed to magically morph into any role.
   Steadily working since her first major role in Francis Ford Coppola's Your a Big Boy Now (1966), she always sought out interesting & different roles such as Mother Firefly in Rob Zombie's House of 1000 Corpses (2003). In one of her best known roles she was stalked by a Zuni doll in the very creepy "Amelia" episode from writer Richard Matheson (who sadly passed away this past June) and director Dan Curtis's Trilogy of Terror. First aired on TV in 1975, it still stands today as one of the most terrifying stories ever presented on the small screen. She will be VERY VERY missed.

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  1. A uniquely offbeat resume like no other actress ever, nice tribute!