Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sorceress Is Coming !! (Roger Corman Babes, Boobs n' Beasts Sword & Sorcery Epic)

    Scorpion Releasing has recently up dated their Facebook page with a peek of the Sorceress one sheet which is kinda exciting news if your into great cheesy 80's sword & sorcery movies (and who isn't ??). This was one (of the first) of the many low budget sword & sorcery films (many produced by New World) that came out after the success of Conan the Barbarian and the gigantic box office returns of Albert Pyun's Sword and the Sorcerer.
    Directed by Jack Hill & written by Jim Wynorski this 1982 New World film had a rather troubled production as Roger reportedly slashed the budget during production and re-edited it without Hill's participation where upon Hill had his name removed from the director credit upon release. Not Jack Hill's best work (this was sadly his last movie) but makes a wonderfully entertaining movie night none the less.
  Starring twins Leigh & Lynette Harris as Mira & Mara who've been prophesied to kill their evil sorcerer father. He orders them killed upon birth but their mother spirits them away before dying herself and has them raised as warriors, so that they can come back to avenge themselves against their father. Filled with inept swordplay, nudity (complete with skinny dipping twin sorceresses), gorilla warriors, flying lions and low budget gore & special effects. Never given a release since the days of VHS its had several false DVD starts in the past, so this is something to really look forward to (with hopefully more releases down the road).

    Scorpion have recently signed a deal with Roger Corman to release some of his New World catalog and hopefully this will help fill in some gaps left by Shout Factory with their New World deal of a couple of years ago. Shout did an excellent job with their fully packed special editions & multi-packs but there was also some really glaring omissions. In addition to Sorceress we never got the first New World movie Student Nurses (plus you gotta have Summer School Teachers & Student Teachers), a bunch of the biker stuff and most importantly (to me at least) the remainder of the Filipino action & horror movies including Woman Hunt, Savage and The Hot Box among others. Speaking of Filipino stuff Scorpion have also annouched Eddie Romero's great 1972 horror/snake pocessed classic Night of the Cobra Woman starring Joy Bang (Yeh !!) & Marlene Clark. Good news indeed.


  1. Shout did some good things, but they kinda fumbled the ball over there in some cases. I noticed that Corman was selling a lot of his New Horizons DVDs even while Shout were selling the exact same thing, so I don't know what was going on there.

    But I would most definitely be picking up STUDENT NURSES. I passed on the Corman disc solely for the Shout one, and when it never surfaced, I was pissed. And how ridiculous to release the others and not the first one?

    And some of those 4 movies crammed onto a disc they're releasing over there are a travesty.

    1. The Shout Factory stuff was werid. Their blu-ray stuff was great, but some of the choices in those mulit-packs were strange (we got utter crap like Smokey Bites the Dust - but no Student Nurses ??) and the Filipino stuff (Fly Me ?? Cover Girl Models ?? - even Joe Dante admits they were getting near the bottom of the barrrel with those when they were orginally released ) but no Savage, Woman Hunt or Night of the Cobra Woman ??
      As far as their recent 4 movie packs - my VHS (heck even my VHS dubs) look better then some of those. I am excited about Unholy Rollers though and picked up the recent one to get Bamboo Gods & Iron Men (which looks pretty good).
      I had the New Horizon Student Nurses (which I sold on Ebay for an insane amount of money) cause I fugured it would be a given from Shout. Hopefully Scorpion will do these right.

  2. I love Sorceress. I actually saw this one at the theater with my dad as a youngin. Watched again a few years back and enjoyed it probably more. The sleazy fantasy film really is a lost art.

    1. I love these things

      Arthur Pyun did one a few years back :

      Low budget CGI and stuff - but it did have naked vampire chicks.