Friday, January 31, 2014

Rosalba Neri Friday # 16 - DUE MASCHI PER ALEXA (AKA TWO MEN FOR ALEXA) 1970


    Following her role in the delirious & fun LADY FRANKENSTEIN Rosalba appeared in this very interesting Italian/Spanish thriller from 1971. As she was really heading into pinnacle of her movie career, this was one of 5 movies she would appear in during 1971, followed by 11 (!!) in 1972 ! 

        Here (as with Joseph Cotton in LADY FRANKENSTEIN) she's seemingly embodied by working with an established actor (as here being Curt Jurgens), plus combined with a literate script and a character that has some real depth all add up to a role that really allows her to display her acting talents (which is something she’s not often given credit for). It’s a real shame this has never been given a proper release, as everything floating around out there is derived from a couple of somewhat iffy quality European VHS sources, with a fan made (Thanks !) subtitled composite print being available on Cinemageddon. 

    Although most often categorized as a giallo, it’s actually more of a psychological thriller along with some film noir elements (in particular “the doomed illicit lovers" plot point) mixed in. Seeming on the surface to be straight out of a 1950’s EC comic book, the plot is actually fairly intricate with multiple interwoven flashbacks & voiceovers, along well developed characters and in a change of pace is very dialogue heavy. Some oddball color filtering and off kilter editing give off a weirdly psychedelic atmosphere that slowly descends into its surreal nightmare of an ending. 

    Jurgens (taking time out from playing German officers in WWII epics such as BATTLE OF BRITAIN) is Ronald Marveling, a wealthy widower who falls in love with one if his daughter Catherine’s (Emma Cohen CROSS OF THE DEVIL) school friends in the form of Alexa (played by Rosalba). As to be expected Alexa soon hooks up with a younger man and begins an illicit affair (along with the expected comeuppance). However even as both these and the basic ending can probably be guessed with just a perfunctory reading of the plot, there is some interesting stuff lurking both below & above the surface here (including some gothic overtones)- in particular the jilted husbands form of a very claustrophobic & creepy revenge. 

    Fans of retro 70’s fashion will have a field day here as Rosalba changes outfits about every 10 minutes including a pretty wild and colorful miniskirt outfit and has a nude romp on the beach which includes some weird “what the hell is this…?!” red & purple filtering, plus the whole thing is set to trippy score by Peiro Piccioni (portions of which have tuned up on various Italian soundtrack comp CD’s).


  1. The next to last picture sums it up - she is indeed FINE. ;)

    1. Thanks Craig ! Indeed she is - I just wish I could find I better copy of this movie !