Sunday, May 31, 2015

Rosalba Neri News # 17 - THE DEVIL'S WEDDING NIGHT on Blu

    Originally titled IL PLENILUNIO DELLE VERGIN (FULL MOON OF THE VIRGINS) this was one of the last Gothics from what's considered the golden age of Italian horror and along with LADY FRANKENSTEIN is one of Rosalba's (here again under her "Sara Bay" pseudonym in this American re-titling) only true horror roles. Released in 1973, this highly entertaining hodge podge of Richard Wagner Norse mythology (Der Ring des Nibelunge), historical personages (the "blood countess" Elizabeth Bathroy), candlelit castles and Gothic trappings along with copious amounts of blood and bare skin (not to mention virgin sacrifices and giant bats) has recently been given a long overdue blu-ray release courtesy of Code Red.

    Long a staple of budget DVD horror labels (all of which featured that same print which looked to have been dragged through a gravel parking lot) Code Red's new release features a 1.78:1 transfer of a (for the most part) beautiful 35mm Eastmancolor CRI. Proudly bearing the Dimension Pictures logo, this being the U.S. theatrical version it's missing about 2 seconds of Rosalba's bloody arm stump footage but considering the scarcity of this title (along with being sourced from what is likely the last surviving material in decent shape as far as a U.S. release is concerned) this release is something to get very excited about - and not to mention the blu-ray cover features that beautiful U.S. one sheet art.

    There's a bit of print damage in the center of the image for a short time which unfortunately shows up exactly at the point of Esmeralda Barros and Rosalba's erotic encounter and continues through a nude Rosalba's justifiably famous bloody resurrection (one can just picture a bored Movieola operator going back and forth through these sequences countless times at some point in the past), but again this should not be considered a determent when its balanced out with what we've had available before. For the most part it looks beautiful and image & color/-wise is an upgrade over the uncut Italian DVD of a few years back. This is available through Bill Olsen over at Code Red
    Along with last years release of SLAUGHTER HOTEL, we now have two Rosalba titles on blu and just maybe someday we'll get this blogs dream of a fully restored LADY FRANKENSTEIN and a pristine copy of the U.S. cut of THE SEDUCERS.

All the above screen captures are from the Code Red Blu Ray release 


  1. Sounds great.
    And love the screen caps.
    Another added to the Dick approved list to watch.

  2. I somehow missed that Sara Bay is actually Rosalba Neri! I just watched Lady Frankenstein a few months ago - now I have to watch it again! I first saw this one on Elvira's Movie Macabre. As you would expect it was pretty choppy when they made it TV friendly - but I always liked watching anything on her show. I have the DVD where her hosting segments are put in over a mostly uncut version of the movie - but this better and clearer version sounds like the one to see. I will be wish listing it very soon!

    1. Thanks Craig. The Elvira DVD is pretty much uncut. Its just missing the bit of gore that was cut for the U.S. theatrical release.