Friday, June 19, 2015

Happy Birthday Rosalba Neri

   In honor of this blogs favorite actress on her 76th birthday here's some LADY FRANKENSTEIN goodies. Below is the set of Italian "fotobusta" posters (along with the two one sheets) that were sent out to cinemas in Italy at the time of the films release. I've managed to pick up some of these for some other movies and they really are gorgeous with the montage design work & lurid bright colors. This entire set was up on Ebay Italy recently and sold for a pretty hefty sum.


   In some other Rosalba/LADY FRANKENSTEIN related news, a beautiful German trailer with some really eye popping color showed up on YouTube awhile back. It now seems to have disappeared, but here are some screen grabs from it. This is how this movie should look and hopefully one day the planets will align (and the lawyers will get all the rights sorted out...) and we'll get an uncut blu-ray. 

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