Saturday, June 25, 2016

Rosalba Neri News # 20 - Shameless TOP SENSATION DVD Update


    Shameless Screen Entertainment have updated their Facebook page with cover art and some extras for their upcoming release of Ottavo Alessi's TOP SENSATION (aka THE SEDUCERS). The listed 91 min running time is approx two minutes longer then the now OOP Camera Obscura release of a few years back so I'm curious to see what we end up with. The interviews (including Rosalba) are ported over from the Camera Obscura edition and the alternate scenes will most likely be the same VHS sourced alternate bits from the U.S. Jerry Gross distributed version titled THE SEDUCERS (with materials still MIA for a decent looking release of this version).   
    The trippy packaging certainly is an eye grabber and I'll post some screen grabs here as soon as I receive it. If you order directly from Shameless you even a receive a free TOP SENSATION coloring book !



  1. The combination of Rosalba Neri and Edwige Feneche is classic Euro-babe material!

    1. You said it ! I hope that one day we can gewt a nice uncut copy of the more explicit U.S. cut.