Thursday, October 27, 2016

Rosalba Neri News # 22 LADY FRANKENSTEIN On Blu- Ray !!!


     Nucleus Films have started a Indiegogo campaign for the restoration of Rosalba's 1971 feminist take on this oft filmed Gothic horror theme for eventual release on blu-ray. Securing the rights and gaining access to the original camera negative was the first goal of the initial  £10,000 - which was broken on the first day with myself being one of the intial contributors.
    Adding to the enticement is the next goal of £20,000 which is for the restoration and blu-ray release of the bizarre and criminally unavailable giallo DEATH LAID AN EGG. Subsequent goals will add features and commentaries to each release.
    Directed by American Mel Welles, LADY FRANKENSTEIN contains one of Rosalba's finest performances along with very able assistance from Joseph Cotton (CITIZEN KANE), Paul Muller (VAMPYROS LESBOS), Herbert Fux (MARK OF THE DEVIL) and Mickey Hargitay (BLOODY PIT OF HORROR). A mainstay of those public domain horror packages, it was finally given a legit release in 2011 by Shout Factory as part of their deal with New World. Cobbling together footage from a couple of different sources onto the New World print in order to create the most complete version they could (which must surely be granted "A" for effort) it was a very welcome release at the time.
    Working from the negative, it will be very interesting to see Nucleus's release and I for one can't wait for this release. Hopefully we'll see Rosalba's participation in the disc extras ! Please consider contributing to this very exciting effort.
    Here's my earlier post on this delirious and fascinating slice of Italian horror.


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