Thursday, March 1, 2018

Rosalba Neri News # 28 - Nucleus Films Lady Frankenstein Blu Final Specs

  On their Facebook Page Nucleus Films have reveled the final specs and artwork for the upcoming release of LADY FRANKENSTEIN on blu-ray. From the Indiegogo page:

Complete and Restored 99 minute Directors Cut
Complete and Restored 84 min New World Pictures American  Theatrical Cut
Italian and English 24 bit LPCM Audio options
Audio Commentary with Alan Jones and Kim Newman
Optional English Subtitles
The Truth About Lady Frankenstein (2007) - German TV Special (42 mins)
Featurette 1 -  Piecing Together Lady Frankenstein (35 min)
Featurette 2 -  The Lady and The Orgy (8 min)
Alternate "Clothed" Scenes
BBFC film cuts (1972)
Gallery 1 - Promotional Materials
Gallery 2 - Home Video Cover Scans
Gallery 3 - Bigfilm Magazine (1971) - Lady Frankenstein Photo Novel
English Trailer
Italian Trailer + English subtitles
German Trailer + English subtitles
US Trailers (2)
US TV Spot (1)
US Radio Spots (2)

Limited Indiegogo Edition also includes:

Contributor Credits (if you ordered that perk)
Limited slip case, individually numbered
Limited set of 5 postcards

  Lot's of good stuff included with the 99 minute version being the longest ever released on home video. The past couple of years have been a bonanza for Rosalba in HD.
  At the same time Nucleus is also releasing a Blu of Giulio Questi's giallo DEATH LAID AN EGG which is similarly loaded with extra goodies.

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