Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Rosalba Neri News # 29 LADY FRANKENSTEIN On Blu


    While I've been eagerly awaiting the Nucleus Films release of this classic slice of Rosalba Italian Gothic, I-Catcher Media have released a packed to the gills mediabook edition. Packaged in a choice of two covers in a limited edition of 499 each it's still available on Amazon DE as of this posting. I went for the top one which features some beautiful Italian poster art that has nothing to do with the actual movie as it looks like something from a bodice ripping romance novel. 
   Along with a 32 page German text booklet the package also includes the uncut 99 minute version of the film (the same length as the upcoming Nucleus release) on Blu along with a boatload of extras spread across the Blu and two DVDs. The audio based extras including a commentary from actor Herbert Fux and interviews with Fux, Mel Wells and Rosalba (among others) are not English friendly but there's also scans of 100's of poster, pressbooks and assorted promotional material from around the world. Audio on the the disc is German/English with optional English subtitles. 
   Also included are scads of trailers, TV spots, alternate openings and extensive filmographies for Fux, Rosalba, Joeseph Cotton and Mickey Hargitay. Numerous Easter Eggs are also included in the filmographies which pull up trailers for the respective films (many of which seemed to sourced from YouTube or other dodgy sources). 
  Sadly the Blu while colorful contains a healthy dose of DNR slathered over the image resulting in a waxy look which is especially evident on the faces. In addition there's an annoying anti-pirate short film that is played at the start of the film and cannot be skipped or past. While I'm happy with this purchase for my Rosalba collecting obsession & the extras, I'm still eagerly awaiting the Nucleus edition which I'm sure will be the definitive release.

All above screen caps are from the I-Media Blu

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