Monday, March 28, 2011

Crime Wave

Part of Warner's Film Noir Vol. 4 collection, Andre DeToth's Crime Wave is an almost perfect example of a nice tight little crime film. Starring the great Sterling Hayden and a wonderful cast of character actors including Charles Buchinsky (Bronson), Ted De Corsia, Dub Taylor and of course Timothy Carey. In the words of  Lt. Sims (Hayden) - "What do you want, Christmas everyday ....?".

Paired on a DVD with the whacked out and totally demented Decoy starring Jean Gillie, who plays the ultimate evil female noir lead.


  1. This looks like quite the tasty double feature! You can never go wrong with Timothy Carey!

    1. Holy Crap Craig - your really digging back in the archives ! This is back when I barely knew what I was doing. I want to do a lengthy write-up on KISS ME DEADLY & CRIME WAVE someday as I want to start doing some film noir. Thanks for checking out the old posts.