Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Victor Mature

   When most people think of Victor Mature the first thing that comes to mind is CinemaScope and togas. In my opinion he was vastly under rated and when given a good role he could really act. This a shot of him and Richard Widmark in Kiss Of Death from 1947. While most people remember Widmark's portrayal of the sadistic, giggling Tommy Udo, it is Victor Mature who is the main dramatic focus of the movie. Mature plays small time crook Nick Bianco, who being forced to become a "squealer",  carries about him a shuffling, world weariness.
   Also check out Victor Mature in Violent Saturday soon to be released by Screen Archives thru their MOD program (limited to 3000 copies).

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  1. I like him - and I actually haven't seen any of his sword and sandal movies. (I take Groucho's advice - when asked if he'd enjoyed 1949's Samson and Delilah he replied "No picture can hold my interest where the leading man's tits are bigger than the leading lady's.") Kiss of Death is a great movie - and I also love Victor Mature as The Big Victor in Head (1968).