Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sleazy Horror Mags Tuesday

     After success of Jim Warren's B&W horror magazines Creepy & Eerie, cheaper and more lurid titles started appearing on the newsstands. With their wild & gory covers ("told in chilling picto-fiction") these were kinda like the exploitation movies of the magazine world. The best (or most infamous) of these publishers was Eerie Publishing, run by its gun-toting editor Myron Fass, who's titles included Weird, Horror Tales, Terror Tales, Tales from the Tomb, Tales of Voodoo, and Witches' Tales and dozens (if not hundreds) of one-shots on various subjects.
   Most of the artists who worked on these were uncredited although Marvel guys Dick Ayers and Chic Stone both contributed stories. Mixed in with the new stories were reprints of old pre-code horror comics (usually with more blood and gore added in).
  This is a great book on the history of Eerie Publications & Myron Fass and the author Mike Howlett has a Facebook page with lots of art.

  And here is a really cool animated You Tube video put together by Jason Willis done with Eerie Publications art and a soundtrack from the old Johnson Smith novelty horror record.

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