Sunday, February 17, 2013

Tiffany Bolling Movie Night # 2 The Big Party 1975

   Tiffany Bolling from The Wild Party. A rather unlikely 1975 collaboration between Merchant - Ivory and American International, based very loosely upon the Fatty Arbuckle scandal in 1921. In 1920's Hollywood James Coco plays a silent film star who throws a huge party to celebrate his comeback and show his new movie (and things go rather badly).  A kinda messy script and not a great movie, but it is interesting and a features a wonderful performance by Raquel Welch as Coco's mistress. In addition , it has Royal Dano in it -always a plus. Tiffany's got a rather large part (5th billed and she gets to sing) and does an excellent job. Available on an MGM DVD.  Her next movie was Kingdom of the Spiders.

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