Friday, April 26, 2013

Hicksploitation Movie Night # 5 - Truck Stop Women 1974

(or Claudia Jennings Movie Night # 2 !)

"No Rig Was Too Big For Them To Handle !"

    Truck Stop Women has about everything you could want from a 70's drive-in exploitation flick - gratuitous nudity every ten minutes or so, car & truck chases, broadly drawn stereotyped characters, Claudia Jennings, violence, naked Claudia Jennings and even a cameo by soft-core queen Uschi Digard.

   The plot is pretty much the standard moonshine movie plot (big operators trying to move on on the small guys) only moved to a truck stop The story has Anna (Lieux Dressler - Kingdom of the Spiders 1977 ), who runs a truck stop in New Mexico along with her daughter Rose (Claudia Jennings). Their truck stop is a pretty busy place, along with gas a diner. we also got hijacking & stealing freight, along with a chop shop and a prostitution ring (Wow ! What a place !). And wouldn't you know it, here comes the guys from the Mafia, who are looking to move in on the action. The main mafia guy "Smith" is played by John Martino (Paulie from The Godfather 1972) - matter of fact here playing pretty much the exact same character he played in The Godfather. Rose sees this has an opportunity to also move in on her Mama and gets involved with Smith to help move things along which all leads to some really bad stuff coming down at the climax.

     Also hanging out at Anna's place are Curly (Dennis Fimple from House of 1000 Corpses), Winter (Len Lesser - Kelly's Heroes 1970 and Uncle Leo from Seinfeld) & Mac (Gene Drew - Georgia Peaches 1972 & Bobbie and the Outlaw 1976). Veteran (and very busy) TV guy Paul Carr plays Mama's double crossing partner Seago.
     Surprisingly the story is a little more downbeat & violent then expected with lots of shootings and people getting offed by various methods with most of the cast buying the farm by the end. Also there's some fairly well done chases/crashes (considering the budget) complete with some "hanging off the side of the truck" stunt work. The soundtrack is one of the more schizophrenic I've ever heard with the expected country & truckin' songs by Big Mack & The Truckstoppers, but you also get some kinda Kraftwerk like stuff via a Casio keyboard and garage band instrumentals.

  By 1974 Claudia was becoming a  pretty busy actress (in between TV & movie work, this is one of six roles from 1974), with her classic Gator Bait coming out right after Truck Stop Women.


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