Thursday, April 4, 2013

Karate, Küsse, blonde Katzen (1974)

  Lost German/Hong Kong Naked Babe Kung Fu Flick !!

     Also known as Virgins of the Seven Seas & The Bod Squad. Just when you think there's nothing left to see and as an added plus it's quite possibly the greatest film ever made. A German/Shaw Brothers Hong Kong co-production from 1974 concerning a group six women (well five, as one of them is killed pretty quickly) who are captured by pirates and sold into a brothel, secretly taught Kung-Fu (mostly the rare school of topless King-Fu) and escape after an epic battle with bunches of bad guys on a beach where the bikini-clad girls kick all sorts of major ass.
   Considered a lost film for years (Where the hell was The Film Foundation when THIS needed rescuing ??) and released by Camera Obscura in a limited edition DVD from a German 35mm print - dubbed in German with English subtitles (which only adds to the viewing fun). For all its kitsch factor its surprisingly well made with the long climatic fight scene well choreographed and the girls all looking pretty competent kicking and stabbing away like maniacs - including actress Sonja Jeannine, who appeared in some of  Schulmädchen Reports (Schoolgirl Reports) movies of the 70's.
  OK, its probably not the greatest movie ever made, but its for sure the best German/Hong Kong Kung-Fu sexploitation movie ever made.

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  1. Holy hell! I must see this. It has pretty much everything I like in a movie!