Thursday, December 26, 2013

TCM Remembers 2013

  Turner Classic Movies has put up their annual "TCM Remembers" video. Here's a link to it. Though saying I look forward to each year sounds a bit strange, its always a part of my year end ritual to watch this at least a few times. Its always nice to see how they acknowledge the "character" faces and the behind the camera artists such as screenwriters, producers, set dressers & cinematographers.
  I'm always a bit saddened to watch this and invariably I see people that I didn't know had passed, as this time I noticed John Kerr (THE PIT AND THE PENDULUM) had left us. In the years past they've missed some of the "cult" (for want of a better word) actors and actresses, so it was nice to see (and with a lump in my throat) that this year they included Jim Kelly (ENTER THE DRAGON), Haji (FASTER, PUSSYCAT! KILL! KILL!) and my favorite Hammer actress Diane Clare (PLAGUE OF THE ZOMBIES).

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