Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Rosalba Neri News # 18 - Jess Franco's MARQUIS DE SADE'S JUSTINE Coming To Blu

     Over on their Facebook page Bill Lustig & Blue Underground has posted some news concerning more Rosalba on blu-ray. Jess Franco's JUSTINE was one of a series of films he did for British producer Henry Alan Tower which mixed among them are some of his better works including the excellent historical drama/horror THE BLOODY JUDGE with Christopher Lee. Afforded a larger budget then usual (at close to $1,000,000 1969's JUSTINE was Jess's highest budgeted film) he created a visually stunning film, but one that is still grounded in his off-kilter (and sometimes incomprehensible) universe.
    The film has a pretty unbelievable cast including a deranged Klaus Kinski as de Sade, Franco regular Maria Rhom, along with Mercedes McCambridge (who worked with Franco in the same year on 99 WOMEN - also with Rosalba), Akim Tamiroff , a REALLY deranged Jack Palance (who appears happily drunk off his ass in his scenes), the ubiquitous Howard Vernon and of course Rosalba. Wearing one heck of an outfit (that alone is worth the price of admission), she appears as some sort of disciple and/or sex slave for a monk-like society headed by the scenery devouring Palance.
   Coming on blu-ray Dec. 15 (which includes a CD with Bruno Nicolai's score), this 1969 production was released as DEADLY SANCTUARY in 1972 for the U.S. market by A.I.P. in a heavily edited version that must have left grindhouse patrons scratching their heads in bewilderment. Originally Franco wanted Rosemary Dexter for the title role but a Hollywood backer insisted on Romina Power (daughter of Tyrone Power) for the lead role which caused Franco to take most of the highly erotic content out of the script and re-write much of the dialogue for her.


  1. I want to track this one down. Love the outfit with the casual boob holes. Amazing!

    1. It's one of Jess's more accessible films and the same years 99 Women is a pretty cool WIP flick. Rosalba'a costume is a highlight here.