Friday, January 27, 2017

Rosalba Neri News # 23 - 88 Films AMUCK ! Blu-Ray


    Some good news from 88 Films as they've posted some news concerning the Blu-ray release of Silvio Amadio's trippy and perverse 1972 gaillo AMUCK ! (aka ALLA RICERCA DEL PIACERE). Starring this blogs favorite actress along with Barbara Bouchet and Farley Granger, it's one of the best Italian giallos of the 70's and is my personal favorite Rosalba role. According to 88 Films over on their Facebook page, the film passed the BBFC uncut with "strong sex, nudity and sexual violence" (how 'bout that !).
   Amazon UK has the pre-order up with a Feb. 27th release date and a Camera Obscura release will follow up in March. Both will feature new HD transfers from the original camera negative along with both the uncompressed Italian and English mono soundtracks and newly created English subs -which means you can toss those old bootlegs in the trash. The 88 Films release will feature an interview with Barbara while the Camera Obscura release will have the participation of Rosalba (with presumably more extra features to follow).
     With a release later this year of LADY FRANKENSTEIN from Nucleus Films and the recent release of Blue Underground's 99 WOMEN these are truly wonderful times we live if your a Euro-cult (and Rosalba !) fan.
     Awhile back I did a post on AMUCK ! based upon the old grungy Eurovista quasi-bootleg DVD that features a dead center cropped transfer and that sickly green/yellow tint to everything. Below are some screen caps from 88's new transfer that were posted on their Facebook page. I'm tingling with anticipation for this release.


  1. A Giallo Classic! Can't wait for this Blu-ray all I have is the old DVD that looks like it was taken from a VHS copy.

    1. Yes, I also have that old Eurovista (?) DVD with that ugly greenish yellow tint to it. The Code Red DVD (under the title Maniac Mansion) looks pretty good and although cut for running time has all the "good stuff" intact.
      I can't wait for this release !

  2. Rosalba Neri, Barbara Bouchet and Farley Granger? Fantastic! Can hardly wait! Thanks for the preview.