Thursday, May 2, 2013

70's Drive-In Exploitation Babe Linda Haynes


   With the upcoming release of Rolling Thunder on Blu from Shout Factory its time for some Linda Haynes around here. A very pretty & talented actress (with a great "70's All American Girl" look to her) and who despite appearing in only a handful of films before retiring left an indelible impression on 1970's cinema.

   Born Nov. 4 1947 she made her film debut in Toho's wild & wacky Latitude Zero in 1969 and went to have a small but memorable role opposite Pam Grier in Jack Hill's Coffy (1969) playing ballsy prostitute Meg.  Probably her best role was Linda Forchet in 1977's Rolling Thunder, playing a small town cocktail waitress who hooks up with Vietnam Vet Major Rayne (William Devane) & his trunk full of guns to track down his family's killers. Being a exploitation actress in the 70's meant women in prison and Linda appeared in one of the great sleazy WIP flicks, 1979's Human Experiments. She seemed to be just on the cusp of breaking into the big leagues, getting good parts (and reviews) in 1980 - the T.V. movie Guyana Tragedy : The Story of Jim Jones and Robert Redford's prison flick Brubaker. Soon afterwards she walked away from acting and became a legal secretary in Fl. Among her other credits is the underrated The Nickle Ride from 1974 and 1975's The Drowning Pool


  1. Oooh. I am diggin that new header! Woot! Here's a link to your fab Nazisploitation post; we published today & will be pimping on Twitter throughout month.

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  2. I found Linda Haynes on linckedin, she said she was currently unemployed and looking for a real estate job. Nov. 17