Friday, May 17, 2013

Rosalba Neri Friday # 7 - Slaughter Hotel AKA Asylum Erotica 1971

(and AKA Cold Blooded Beast)

    Pretty far out Italian giallo from 1971 that concerns a private sanatorium which specializes in helping women (as long as said women are beautiful and drop their clothes at a moments notice) sort out their weird sexual quirks. Among the guests are Rosalba (playing a nymphomaniac !) & Margaret Lee, plus a creepy doctor lurking around played by the equally creepy Klaus Kinski. Soon a hooded figure starts knocking off the usually undressed patients and as this is the only sanatorium in the world with wall displays full of easily obtainable medieval stab & hack tools of death there's plenty of blood & gore. Director Fernando Di Leo also did some GREAT crime films in the 70's such as Caliber 9, Shoot First Die Later and The Boss.
  Rosalba buys the farm in bloody fashion while rolling around naked in bed (with an obvious body double for some of the later inserted more graphic footage). Her seduction of the groundskeeper in the greenhouse is a highlight here and she looks great in that halter top ring-thing outfit.


  1. As per usual, my friday is a wee bit better now.

  2. Thanks Rob ! When you get a chance drop me an email- I want to find out about this Ilsa book !