Monday, July 22, 2013

Bobbi Shaw in Pajama Party - 1964

    1964's Pajama Party was the 4th entry in A.I.P's series of "Beach Party" movies. To liven things up a bit, for the most part teddy bear nighties replaced bikinis for the jiggle content and some of the characters usual roles were switched around & names changed. Susan Hart (who married A.I.P co-founder head James H. Nicholson in 1964) made her first of three appearances in the series and Terri Garr can be seen as in extra in the dance sequence on the beach.
   It was also the Beach Party debut for 38"-22"-35" Bobbi Shaw who would appear in the next five movies in the series. Born on Sept. 16 1943, she was usually teamed up with Buster Keaton (he himself would would appear in three more of these). Here playing Helga she makes a very well remembered appearance in a fur bikini, as by this time A.I.P. was very aware of what sold these movies to teenagers (at least the male ones) and Bobbi really ramps up the sex quota here. In one of the more amazing scenes in the entire series, character actors Jesse White (playing J. Sinister Hulk) & Ben Lessey are hanging out by the pool talking, when for no reason at all (well no logical reason) we cut to a 5 second shot in glorious color CinemaScope of Bobbi doing sit-ups on a chaise lounge (and she's REALLY stretching).
   Now going by Bobbi Shaw- Chance, she runs Expressions Unlimited, a very successful and well regarded acting school in Los Angeles.

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  1. Yah, yah! I've been in lust with her for somewhere around thirty years now - she is loaded for bear, isn't she?