Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Happy Birthday Erika Blanc


    A very Happy Birthday to Italian actress Erika Blanc (one of this blogs OTHER favorite actresses). Born on this day in 1942 in Gargnano, Italy and the star of many films of the classic European/Italian horror & giallo cycle of the 1960's and 70's (plus some crime & spaghetti westerns). Among them are Mario Bava's Kill Baby Kill (1966) & The Night Evelyn Came Out of The Grave (1971), The Devils Nightmare (1971) and So Sweet...So Perverse from 1968 co-starring Carroll Baker. Because of her unique look (have a look at those cheekbones !) she lent a very beautiful & exotic presence to her roles.
    Here's Erika from 1971's The Devils Nightmare, a French/Belgian co-production that has her playing a succubus who shows up at the castle of a cursed family to start knocking off some stranded guests who themselves represent the seven deadly sins. Not the best movie of the genre but a classic of 1970's Euro horror and great starting place for the uninitiated. Erika seems to be having a lot of fun in the role, plus there's a sepia toned Nazi flashback, nudity & lesbians, an iron maiden & a guillotine and a great weird & trippy score. Not to mention you gotta love Erika in that dress.

I wonder what the Priest is thinking ???

Erika in full tilt succubus boogie mode !!


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