Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Edwige Fenech & All The Colors Of The Dark - 1972

    Excellent & freaky giallo from 1972 directed by Sergio Martino and also starring George Hilton & Susan Scott. Edwige plays Jane, who recovering from an auto accident and miscarriage is stalked by a scary blue eyed killer (which may or not be a nightmare) and to help herself sort things out engages in naked occult rituals at the suggestion of her creepy neighbor.
   Unlike many giallos, this lets you know straight off who the killer is (no piles of red herrings here) and instead concentrates and the "why" & "maybe" as Jane tries to sort out fact from fantasy, including a particularly unnerving scene on a subway. The film starts off with one the most crazy f**ked dream sequences ever committed to film which sets up a whole weird off -kilter atmosphere that pervades the entire story and always has you wondering if its a dream or not. Probably Edwige's best role and filmed at a time when she was at the pinnacle of her jaw dropping beauty. The same year she would also star in Your Vice is a Locked Room And Only I Have The Key, which was also directed by Martino (and is also worth a look).




  1. I remember this movie! Crap, it's been ages since I've seen it.

  2. You know, Edwige and Rosabal remind me of each other.

    1. Have you ever seen Top Sensation AKA The Seducers ? They share some (cough ! cough !...) "scenes" together that are pretty amazing.

    2. no! But that sounds amazing. Adding that to the list for sure.