Friday, March 22, 2013

Race With The Devil on Blu

"When You Race With The Devil, You'd better Be Faster Then Hell !"

    In a sorta surprise blu-ray announcement Shout Factory has a June 4 release date for this New World double feature that they had previously released on DVD as part of their deal with Roger Corman. 1975's Race With The Devil has Peter Fonda and Warren Oates tearing across miles & miles of lonely Texas highway in a 70's Winnebago (complete with wood paneling & shag carpet) while being pursued by hordes of devil worshipperin' good ol' boys (that seem to comprise the entire population of the state) after mistakenly viewing one of their sacrifices. Also along on this RV vacation from hell are Lara Parker (Dark Shadows) and Loretta Swit (M.A.S.H.) as the respectent better halves. With R.G. Armstrong as a devil worshipping sheriff, lots of car chases & crashes, Warren & Peter blasting beelzebub's disciples with a shotgun, Lee Frost regular & 70's heavy Phil Hoover and Lara Parker in a bikini. Classic combination of the 1970's "buddy/road movie" genre and decade movie fav The Devil.
    In the same package is 1974's Dirty Mary & Crazy Larry. Basically a 70 minute car chase in a 93 minute movie,with Peter Fonda, Adam Roarke and Susan George in a 1969 Charger R/T being chased by manic obsessive cop Vic Morrow.  It is however, a very well written & directed car chase movie with an unexpected ending and wonderful performances by all the leads (I love Susan George in this - a sadly  underused actress who never really got her due). With The Thing From Another World's Kenneth Toby and Roddy McDowell. A great double bill.

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