Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sleazy Horror Mags Tuesday

Some  more cool Eerie Publications stuff.

A pretty wild Chic Stone cover from Terror Tales May 1969. He'd inked a bunch of Jack Kirby's Marvel stuff earlier in the 60's.

Weird from June 1971. Art by Johnny Bruck. I don't know what the hell is suppose to be going on here. 


  1. Inkers never get the credit they deserve--and I'm just as guilty of that as anyone. When the inking is done well, you just don't even think about it. It's only when you see a poor inking job that you realize the importance.

    Chic Stone is probably one of the best. Kirby's work never looked as good as when it was inked by Stone. Stone did work on Savage She-Hulk at Marvel back in the 1980's, and reading those back issues, the difference between issues inked by Stone and issues inked by others is STAGGERING...even when penciled by the same person.


  2. Your right about Chic Stone. I'm a huge Kirby fan and their work together is the apex of super hero comic art.