Thursday, August 29, 2013

Happy (Belated ??) Birthday To Uschi Digard (And Some Cool Uschi News !!)

 Some time back it was (allegedly) Uschi's 65th birthday as it had been widely reported for years to be Aug. 15 1948. As it turned out this bit of bio info was wrong - as has been bunches of other stuff floating around on her. Even her birthplace was widely disputed as it ranged everywhere from the sorta believable (Sweden) to the really outlandish such as Bismarck (!?) N.D. - this most likely just wishful thinking on Bismarck's part.
    Always a very private & reclusive person (in spite of her screen persona), she's given very few interviews. All that's changed now, however, as the guys over at The Rialto Report have scored a really major & cool coup - a 67 minute (!!) interview with the queen of softcore porn & sexploitation. This is FASCINATING listening and a must for anyone interested in the history of drive-in movies, men's magazines & the dawning of the golden years of adult entertainment. Starting with her childhood (Switzerland is her birthplace-and although she coyly doesn't reveal the date - she does shoot down that reported one), taking us thru her early employment & travels in Europe & Mideast (she never worked at the U.N. as reported, but really does speak nine languages), 50 year (!!) marriage and eventual move to Los Angeles in the mid 60's and her initial work in men's magazines.       Along the way, we get Russ Meyer stories, background stories on her photoshoots and of course her career in films. She relates a funny story on how she never had a driver's license so her husband had to drive her all over L.A. to her various film & photo locations. Basically what you have here is a 60 min + history of the classic era of sexploitation (and plus you find out about her new autobiography).

     With her long hair, amazonian build & beautiful natural looks (usually devoid of make-up), nobody seems to personify that 60's & early 70's sex appeal "look" better than her. She had a presence that truly was bigger than life - a mind-bending combination of hippie earth mother looks and a sexual wildcat. IMDB lists 126 titles to her credit , but you can most likely at least double that counting all the loops, short subjects & blink and you'll miss her cameos.
     It's amazing how many times she pops up (even briefly) in 70's drive-in movies - start watching them and see how often you say "Look, there's Uschi !!". She always seemed to have a smile on her face and almost seemed to be winking at the camera and saying "Hey -its all in fun". Although she skirted around the edges at times, she never performed hardcore (which is something I've always admired about her).
      On the recently released blu-ray of Kentucky Fried Movie there she is in an awe-inspiring shower scene (in glorious full-color HD no less). For whenever her birthday is - a VERY special birthday greeting for a true icon (plus its a great reason to post some Uschi pictures - as if you need one).

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