Saturday, October 17, 2020

Rosalba Neri News #33 THE FRENCH SEX MURDERS and THE GIRL IN ROOM 2A on Blu-ray


As part of their Black Friday releases Vinegar Syndrome has announced their second Giallo box which will contain Ferdinando Merighi’s sleazy & gory THE FRENCH SEX MURDERS released in 1972. It will be taken from the negative of the uncut French version which has never before released on home video. Also included will be THE GIRL IN ROOM 2A from 1974 which is a rare Giallo that was directed by an American, the infamous exploitation king William Rose who brought forth RENT-A-GIRL' THE HOOKERS and the lost THE SMUT PEDDLER).  

While neither film is never going to be considered in the upper echelon of the Giallo genre they're both loads of fun and both feature Rosalba, although her role in THE GIRL IN ROOM 2A is best described as a glorified cameo. THE FRENCH SEX MURDERS is the better of the two and has a wonderfully sleazy vibe to it and to top it off there's a great cast including Barbara Bouchet, Antia Ekberg, and Evelyn Kraft.

Both should have gorgeous transfers and no doubt will have some nice extra features and impressive packaging. Let's hope Rosalba is included in some extra features. The third film in the box will be the satisfyingly violent MY DEAR KILLER directed by Tonino Valerii. 

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  1. A new release featuring the lovely Rosalba is always welcome. Thanks for the heads up!